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a coalition supporting Long Island & NYC community mental wellness


COVID-19 Mental Wellness support for NYC & Long Island


We are a group of Long Island and NYC clinicians and masters-level interns from various mental health professional backgrounds and training who have chosen to come together for professional and community support in a collaborative and non-competitive manner. Our goal is to facilitate improved clinical service within our community through shared information, resources, and improved access to client focused referrals. Through working together we are able to move towards supporting community wellness and access to services during normal and abnormal community events.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and the resulting impact on our communities, our group of Long Island and NYC clinicians and masters-level interns has turned its focus to providing FREE support to our neighbors in the Long Island and NYC areas. If you are seeking support with the emotional impact of the current pandemic and social distancing, please reach out!!!

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Our clinically trained members and volunteers are available to provide FREE mental wellness support and referrals for members of the Long Island and NYC communities (and beyond).  While we are not an online therapy service, we are here to offer support, guidance, and encouragement; as well as referral and resources in the Long Island and NYC areas. Our support is available by telephone, video, text, and email. We are happy to return your inquires within 24-hrs. Services available in various languages upon request.

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It takes a great deal of energy and self to care for and protect others. The risks to our own emotional and physical wellness are high. Our support services are geared towards anyone in the mental health, first responder, healthcare, animal care, educational, or related fields. We are available for a momentary chat or referral to free or financially accessible services. If you feel you might benefit from longer or more formal services, check out or

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Our group has come together to support the uniqueness and importance of the clinical services we each provide. Our intention is to provide a non-competitive environment in which mental health professional can come together for support, camaraderie and peer guidance, no matter one's degree or areas of specialization. Joining our coalition is free, but has the added caveat that  each member is willing to provide service to the Long Island and NYC community, especially in times of struggle or crisis. Our activities consist mainly of monthly gatherings at community venues and peer supervision/ support groups or phone sessions. Interns are also welcome to participate if under the supervision of a licensed clinician. To join us, please complete the inquiry form below.

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